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Medical Search Engine Marketing Specialists

Are you struggling to attract local patients for your chiropractic practice? At Extra Patients, we specialize in search engine marketing specifically tailored to the unique characteristics of the field of a chiropractor. We know you genuinely care for the health of your patients, which is why we want to make sure you focus on refining your practice without the distraction of bringing in new patients. Extra Patients uses innovative methods and extensive marketing knowledge to make sure the people who need your services are finding you easily.

Why Choose Us?

Innovative strategies to make the web work for you.

Transparent ROI

Track the results from our campaigns and see the value you’re getting for yourself. No hidden numbers and vague results here.

Quick and Effective Results

See exactly what your money is getting you. Compare results and see what’s the best strategy for your practice.

Innovative Marketing Strategies

We harness the power the web to get your practice in front of prospective clients.