3 Easy Steps to Getting More Email Newsletter Subscribers

3 Easy Steps to Getting More Email Newsletter Subscribers

There is an ever-growing way for you to reach consumers yetemail newsletters remain a high-effective digital marketing strategy. In fact, email is 40 times more successful at either acquiring new clients than Facebook and Twitter and is a great way to maintain or grow relationships even when people aren’t actively making purchase decisions states McKinsey & Company and Nielsen Norman Group.

91% of consumers use email at least once a day, according to ExactTarget, and 44% of consumers made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email they received states Convince and Convert. With these stats it’s hard to argue that email newsletters aren’t a good way to not only generate new patients but also generate additional revenue from your existing patients.

But in order to make your email newsletters work for you, first you must generate a lengthy email list to market to. The first step to building an email list that will help you generate revenue from existing and new patients is creating an email subscription form that gathers the vital data you need while enticing website visitors to complete it. The email newsletter subscribe form framework consists of 3 main parts according to Megan Van Vlack on Marketing Profs.

78 emails per day is what the average employee received in 2011, now imagine how many emails people receive daily in 2015. Suffice it to say, potential patients aren’t in a hurry to hand over their email addresses to just anyone. You have to motivate people to share their email address with you. Use a strong, persuasive call to action to persuade them to sign up and make sure to reveal exactly what information you’ll be sending.

Call to actions include:

  • Sign up now to be the first to know about new products
  • Download this ebook of how to [insert topic – such as whiten your teeth in only 3 days]
  • Subscribe to get limited-time, exclusive special offers

Asking too much information from someone in an email newslettersubscribe form can discourage someone from providing you with their information. Yet the more information you receive from subscribers, the more relevant you can customize your email newsletters to market to them and, in turn, increase your conversion rates. You have to find a middle ground between the two and keep in mind that different email subscribe tactics work for different types of businesses. A great way to determine what works best for your practice is to test different form field combinations to see which perform best for your practice.

For example, Nike asks subscribers for their email, zip code, gender and age (while promising that the data provided won’t be shared with others). By asking for this specific set of data, Nike ensures that they can market the right shoes to the right person (ie marketing women’s running shoes only to women). Additionally, their email subscribe form provides details on how the subscribers personal details will be used and not used.

nike subscription form

Whether you are asking for multiple pieces of information such as Nike or just the email address, make sure your email newsletter subscription form easy to navigate for anyone. For example, the email subscription form for HelpScout (below) is simple and straightforward. It is clear where the email address goes as well as where the “subscribe now” button is located.

good subscription forms

Conversely, in the example below the “subscribe” button is hidden on the bottom-left corner. If this button is difficult to find or any other part of the form is difficult or confusing you will cause people to click away without subscribing to your email newsletter.

bad subscription form

When it comes to email subscription forms, keep it simple and straightforward. Make sure it is extremely easy for people to know which information to enter in each field and know exactly where the “subscribe” button is located.

Even with the popularity of social media sites, the growth of mobile advertising and other new marketing mediums being developed daily,email newsletters are still a highly-effective way to reach your existing and potential patients to drive new and additional revenue.

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To read more of the article that inspired this blog, please visit:http://www.marketingprofs.com/articles/2015/28172/three-simple-ways-to-create-a-high-converting-email-subscribe-form