4 Search Engine Optimization Strategies for 2016

4 Search Engine Optimization Strategies for 2016

Between desktops, smartphones and tablets, consumers are turning to search engines at an ever increasing rate – sometimes even using multiple devices at one time. It’s imperative for local businesses such as medical and dental practices to show up prominently across desktop and mobile devices when consumers are looking for the services and products they offer. If you haven’t already adopted a search engine optimization strategy then make this the highest priority on your to-do list. Whether you are new to search engine optimization for your practice or a veteran, make sure to adopt the four strategies below for SEO success in 2016.

With the share of smartphones at 77% of the US mobile, the age the mobile web is here with 2015 being the first year that mobile search surpassed desktop search. Recognizing the importance of mobile, Google made a bold step early in 2015 by tagging sites on mobile device search engine results as “mobile friendly” to tip off searchers on how user friendly that website would be on their mobile device. In April, Google took this bold step even further by rewarding mobile friendly sites and penalizing non-mobile sites on mobile devices. If you want to get ahead with your search engine optimization then invest in a responsive design website which automatically resizes to display optimally across any size screen.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave then you’re probably familiar with all the large-scale data breaches. In 2015, security has been the centerpiece of most digital conversations. Airtight, secure websites with SSL encryption no longer just apply to large institutions, local medical and dental practices also need to invest in a secure website. In August 2014, in a move toward a safer browsing experience, announced that it would be using HTTPS as a definite ranking signal. Improve your search engine optimization by investing in an SSL certificate for your website.

In the same way that backlinks act as votes for your site, raising your domain authority and rankings, now the popularity of your content on social media also helps with your search engine optimization. In late 2014, Google finally starting allowing non-Google social media platforms to be featured in search engine results pages (SERPS). Finally platforms other than Google+ made their entry into Google’s Knowledge Graph. Expect social signals to grow in importance for search engine optimization in the years to come so make sure you are building a following on social media sites that engages regularly with your content.

In 2013, semantic search came into focus with the release of the Hummingbird algorithm update on Google. Anyone proactive doing search engine optimization at the time rushed to optimize their content not just for keywords but also their synonyms, brand or service related phrases and different content forms. In 2014, Google’s bots for semantic processing got more refined. Savvy SEO strategies focused on keyword research from the perspective of search intent. Forget about using single keywords to build authority. Consider conversational queries that use natural language structures.

The good news for search engine optimization is that it now focuses on the usefulness of your website and the end user rather than how adept you are at gaming Google’s ranking systems. The bad news is that Google keeps businesses on their toes by continually evolving their SEO best practices.

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