4 Ways to Avoid Having a Bad SEO Strategy

4 Ways to Avoid Having a Bad SEO Strategy

If there is one thing that is consistent when it comes to search engine optimization, it’s that it is always changing. What used to be best practices today are the same things that will get you penalized tomorrow. For local business owners like dentists and doctors it’s imperative to have a solid organic presence on the search engine results pages if you want to generate new patients.

In order to get the best organic visibility it’s important to avoid these 4 tactics that result in a bad SEO strategy for your practice.


For a local business owner, there is no reason to have multiple websites for your practice. In the past, it was believed that this tactic would help a business rank higher organically, gain more exposure and get more traffic from website visitors. However, all multiple sites do is create brand confusion and potentially run you the risk of getting penalized at search engines for duplicate content. Additionally, if you link these sites to one another then you start to spiral into spam territory which is a bad SEO strategy.

Instead of creating multiple websites for your practice, focus on a single website and put a 301 redirect on all of the other sites. While it’s okay to own multiple domains, don’t create multiple websites. Have all your domains forward to your main site.


Previously, it was common practice to submit content to article directories like Ezine to try and gain rank via the article directory links. The content submitted to these sites would have something to do with the businesses product or services and contain links to the business website. Even though sites like Ezine still tout themselves as a great source of exposure, credibility and traffic they are definitely past their zenith. When it comes to SEO today, loading a site with backlinks from article directory sites actually reduces the legitimacy of your link profile.

Instead carefuly and intentionally use guest posting on high-quality sites that are specifically related to your industry. When it comes to backlinks use them sparingly and cautiously to make sure you are only getting quality backlinks to your site.


Having a content marketing strategy is great but all too often businesses only focus on one content marketing strategy. Instead of trying other valuable techniques, marketers focus solely on one and forget all about the other. A few of the most common techniques that are used to the exclusion of others include blogging, syndication, and guest blogging. Typically, people do this because the chosen content marketing strategy “works.” However, when it comes to SEO the technique that works today may not work tomorrow as best practices are constantly in fluctuation.

Instead of placing all of your eggs in one basket use a variety of content techniques to advance your marketing goals.


Footer links are any of the links that you see in the bottom part of a website page. Links included in the footer of a site occur on every page of a site which sends an extraordinary amount of links to the receiving site. Companies who have multiple websites are most prone to use the footer to add additional links to their website but they can be dangerous as they can create an imbalance in the link profile.

Instead of loading your footer with links to other sites only link to other sites when absolutely necessary and appropriate. Make any outbound footer links as nofollow and use branded anchors.

While some of these techniques may currently work well for you, it’s important to slowly back way from these tactics as they are bad SEO strategies. It’s imperative to create a website that is technically flawless and one that emphasizes a seamless user experience. SEO isn’t dead and never will be. If you want to succeed, you have to stay on top of the latestSEO best practices and constantly adjust your strategy to get the best results.

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