5 Search Retargeting Best Practices

5 Search Retargeting Best Practices

Only about 10% of website visitors convert upon their first visit to a website so what marketing strategies do you have in place to help the remaining 90% become patients at your practice?

Considered by some to be the biggest addition to search marketing since product listings, search retargeting offers local medical practice owners the ability to reach people who previously visited your website and people who conduct searches online with designated keywords. By continuing to connect with these potential patients, you increase the liklihood of them becoming your patient.

Even industry experts like Larry Kim, founder of WordStream, leveragesearch retargeting to increase their business. Larry Kim states, “Seriously, use remarketing. It’s so amazing that of the million dollars I’m spending on search marketing each year, more than half of it is being used to remarket to people who read my content.”

Google offers two ways to create search retargeting campaigns. Through an existing campaign (bid targeting) or by creating a new campaign with target and bid targeting.

To get the most from your search retargeting campaign, use the 5 best practices below.

Use Broad Match Keywords
While broad match keywords can drive some irrelevant traffic for pay per click campaigns, using them in search retargeting can help you expand your audience. Start small with a few existing keywords and expand the list from there as you see ROI. Match the broad match keywords with previous website visitors to boost conversions.

Broaden Reach with Dynamic Search Ads
Enable dynamic search ads and remarketing to broaden the amount of potential patients you can reach. Get every service you offer easily covered. Dynamic search ads target relevant searches with ads generated directly from your website. This enables you to get more clicks with less effort. However, it is not easy to implement. You have to use AdWords Editor or createa campaign and then add the audience by accessing All Campaigns.

Repurpose Low ROI Keywords
Some keywords drive a lot of website traffic but don’t always deliver on ROI. If you could get these keywords to become profitable there is a lot of money to be made given the high volume of search volume. Add these keywords to your search retargeting list and have them combined with people who previously visited the website to boost their ROI value.

Combine Generic Keywords and Searcher History
It’s almost impossible to generate a decent ROI with generic keywords such as back pain or teeth whitening. But by adding search retargeting, you can focus these keywords on previous website visitors.

Differentiate the Bidding
One of the most common best practices with search retargeting is adding a retargeting list as Bid Only to an existing search campaign and increasing the bidding for this audience by 25-50%. This enables advertisers to keep keywords in play even if the core bid is lowered below the top 3 positions. This method allows advertisers to stay visibile with truly relevant potential patients.

With search retargeting, Google adds a layer to digital marketing beyond traditional search marketing focus solely on keywords. Now advertisers can combine keywords and previous behavior to refine their online marketing strategies.

About Alan Moore: Alan started his career in 1999 as an Marketing Consultant and is the owner of www.ExtraPatients.com. Over the years, he has migrated his focus of expertise to everything digital. His mission is to help you increase your revenues and decrease unproductive advertising expenses through proven, online marketing strategies. He manages over $3,600,000 in yearly marketing budgets and has worked with local businesses, agencies and the US government. Give him a call to schedule a Free Online Marketing Consultation for your practice.

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