6 Must-Do Facebook Tips to Increase Engagement as Organic Reach Dwindles

6 Must-Do Facebook Tips to Increase Engagement as Organic Reach Dwindles

For a lot of marketers, Facebook business page engagement has reached all-time lows as organic visibility on Facebook dwindles with the new releases from Facebook to their algorithm. The most tried and true Facebook tip when it comes to dramatically increase engagement from your Facebook fans – post engaging content!

However, that tends to be easier said than done. The same content that works for a dermatologist may not work for a dentist. Furthermore, the same type of content that works for a pediatric dentist may not work for a dentist specializing in restorative dentistry. It all depends on the demographics of your Facebook fans. All too often, Facebook managers start their content creation process for Facebook posts from the business’ perspective with the goal being to share their story and their message. But if you really want to increase engagement then heed this Facebook tip– start with your fans needs first. By consistently serving up content your fans need/want, you will consistently engage more of your fans, earn more reach and, ultimately, have a larger impact on Facebook.

Utilize these 6 Facebook tips to boost your engagement.

If your content strategy is going to focus on what your Facebook fans want then it’s crucial that you have a thorough understanding of who they are. How can you meet their needs if you don’t know who they are?

First, review the demographics of your Facebook fans to learn sex, age, interests, etc. Really evaluate the fans who consistently interact with your posts. While the people who currently interact with your content may be different than your ideal demographic, it’s good to know the type of people your existing content appeals to. To get a well-rounded idea of the difference between your intended audience and your engaged audience, check out the “People” tab in Facebook Insights. On this tab, you’ll find demographics for the people reached by your page and the people engaged by your page.

Every time someone engages with your content on Facebook it helps them show their friends who they are and what they care about. If you want to increase your fan base and engagement then develop content that when shared by your fans enhances their social self. Before posting, asking yourself:

  • When fans engage with this content, what will that say to their Facebook friends about them?
  • Does this content align with what I believe my fans want their friends to think of them?
  • If I were to see this on my News Feed would I engage with it?

There are plenty of articles and studies out there indicating the best days and times to post on social media sites; however, you should rely on your data to determine the best times and days to post to your page. Facebook Insights has data on when your audience is online and most active but if you really want to drill into additional details then purchase or create a tracking system that correlates with your audience engagement with your posts to see the days and times that are most beneficial for you to post.

Make your content highly effective by focusing on your audience’s preferences. What type of content would they provide – video, images, text with a quote, etc.? Also consider the following content types to test and measure: smile-worthy (content that makes your audience smile and that they will share with their friends), inspiring content, informative content, timely content (some of the most highly engaged content on Facebook concerns current events and issues).

Each piece of Facebook content should have a specific goal whether it is part of a bigger campaign or a specific post goal such as generating a certain amount of likes. In order to analyze how well your Facebook content is doing you need to measure it against goals. Make sure that your desired outcomes are tailored to your audience by asking yourself “is this an action I would take if I were an audience member?”

Over time your audience will likely change as new people join your audience and bring with them new preferences. Keep tabs on your audience to continually evaluate if what you think you know about them still stands. And as your audience preferences changes make sure to adapt your content along with it. Strategies that worked 6 months ago may not work 6 months from now as your audience changes over time. Make sure to stay flexible with your Facebook content to continue to drive engagement.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your audience and your content to unleash the power of highly effective and engaging Facebook content. Use the Facebook tips above to help guide you.

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