7 Irresistible Blog Intros

7 Irresistible Blog Intros

Twenty years ago when blogs didn’t exist there was no easy way to share your expertise with the world or more importantly your local community. Now you can easily share your knowledge and expertise. Not to mention blog marketing is a fantastic way to improve your search engine visibility, build brand awareness, generate new patients and create ongoing patient loyalty.

But in order to truly reap the benefits of blog marketing you first have to get people to take an interest in your blog. If the first paragraph doesn’t reel someone in then the rest of your blog post may not even matter. Use the 7 tips below to create irresistible blog introductions.


A great way to immediately grab attention is through the element of surprise. Tell your readers something they would not expect such as debunking a popular thought or by telling them something different then the common perspective. The right/wrong approach is another common way to surprise your blog readers.


Controversy is a great way to spark interest when it comes to blogging. Even if the reader doesn’t ultimately end up agreeing with you, they will still be intrigued enough to continue reading. Create controversy by stating a completely new point of view or by taking the side of a not-so-popular point of view and make your case. When creating controversy avoid moral, political and social topics to avoid jeopardizing your brand. Stick to industry-related topics that go against conventional thinking.


Most blogs are simply subjective and opinion-based. Generate more interest and credibility with facts. Statistics are a great way to grab attention while providing legitimacy to your blog. And to really blow people’s minds, state an incredibly lopsided true statement. A great example of piquing interest with a fact is Gene McKenna’s blog entitle “Experiment Shows Up to 60% of ‘Direct’ Traffic is Actually Organic Search.”


Laughter is a highly effective way of luring readers in. Through humor you can create a voice, retain reader interest and make your point. Keep in mind though that there is a fine line between funny and offensive when it comes to humor.


Matt Secrist uses the example “content creation is like fishing. Huh? Both activities are essentially intended to get the attention of someone or something.” Odd analogies are a creative way to pique reader interest. Pop culture offers a tremendous amount of odd connection opportunities. Just make sure they are widely recognized.


Who doesn’t like to read about another person’s foibles? Not only are personal accounts highly popular, they also provide your patients with a chance to relate to you as one of them. Whether they laugh alongside you or secretly feel slightly superior, readers will continue reading on. When blogging about personal accounts, think about what interests you and what topics make you want to keep reading.


Questions intensify the readers’ curiosity as unanswered questions feel incomplete and compel people to want to know the answer. The key is to ask questions the reader can’t answer without needing to read further.

Utilize blog marketing as an affordable way to relate to your patients and boost your visibility online. Just make sure to have a great opening line.

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