7 Tricks for Optimal Google AdWords Set-Up

7 Tricks for Optimal Google AdWords Set-Up

When it comes to articles about Google AdWords elements such as remarketing, Authorship, qualityscore and negative keywords tend to get all of the attention. Yet unless you set up your Google AdWordscampaign up correctly, your campaign will forever be limited. In order to get the most from your Google AdWords campaign it’s essential that the campaign is set-up correctly from the beginning.

Use the 7 tips below to make sure your Google AdWords is set-up for success.

1. Focus on 1 Network Per Campaign
If you want to really segment trends, such as CTR and impressions, and utilize different ads for different networks, best practice is to focus on 1 network at a time. If you have a very low budget or are not too familiar with AdWords it can be okay to combine search and display networks but if you are serious about the performance of your AdWords campaign separate search and display networks into different campaigns.

2. Include the Search Partner Network
When starting a new Google AdWords campaign include the search partner network in the initial set-up of the campaign. Always start with the search partner network enabled for your campaign and then analyze the data to make decisions about enabling filters or inactivating based on the key performance metrics you see.

3. Target the Right Languages
The language setting in Google AdWords allows you to target users who have chosen a specific language as the interface language in their browser or Google account. The language setting targets searches based on this setting and not the language that they conduct their search in. For the U.S., best practice is to target English and Spanish languages.

4. Target Specific Areas
A common practice when it comes to targeting is utilizing radius targeting. And while this is a good targeting option, if you want to fine-tune your bid adjustments by location you’ll need to set up your campaign to individual cities or states. For instance, instead of targeting 10 mile radius, you would simply target each city in that radius individually within the campaign. By using this targeting method you can then implement location bid adjustments based on the cities with the best or poorest performance which will allow you to boost your overall results.

google adwords locations

5. Opt for Maximum Exposure
When it comes to ad visibility there are two types of delivery settings in regards to the frequency in which your ads will show. The two types of delivery settings are:

  • Standard Delivery: this is the default setting in AdWords. If you reach your budget too early one day then Google starts to show your ads intermittently on other days.
  • Accelerated Delivery: with this delivery setting, Google shows your ad every time a search query matches one of your keywords until you run out of budget for the day.

google adwords ad visibility

Get the most from your Google AdWords campaign by selecting accelerated delivery and then adjusting other settings in the campaign such as CPC to ensure you have visibility throughout the entire day.

6. Show Your Ad When It Is Most Profitable
It’s in your best interest to show your ad when it is most profitable. That’s where ad scheduling comes in. If you find that you get a higher conversion rate from 8am to 10am then increasing bids during this time frame could result in an even higher conversion rate and ultimately more new patients. Conversely, lowering bids during times when conversions are low helps reduce overall costs. It’s important to understand search behavior when making these decisions. For instance, in some cases consumers search after work hours but convert during work hours. Thus it would be in your best interest to ensure visibility during non-work hours.

7. A/B Test Ads with Ad Rotation
Don’t let Google choose your best performing ad. Google determines best performance based on small variations in the data. If you want to know precisely which ad messages resonate most with searches and potential patients, then allow your ads to rotate evening so you can make an intelligent cost-benefit analysis on which ads perform best. Then you can update the lowest converting ads message and test again.

To get the best results from your Google AdWords campaign make sure you have a solid foundation. Once you have a solid foundation, it will be easy to continually make enhancements to the campaign and achieve better results.

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