9 Tips to Get More from Your LinkedIn Marketing

9 Tips to Get More from Your LinkedIn Marketing

While most medical and dental practice owners understand the benefits of Facebook and Twitter for their practice but many still fail to understand how LinkedIn can help them grow their business. LinkedIn has over 200 million users, which makes it an extremely powerful network of influential people all over the world. As such, LinkedIn provides an invaluable opportunity to not only connect with potential patients but also with powerful affiliates who can help you build your practice.

LinkedIn is all about building relationships and one of the best ways to connect with other LinkedIn members is through Inmail. Inmail is a messaging system through which you can email potential patients or potential business connections without actually knowing their email. According to LinkedIn, responses to Inmails are guaranteed.

Leverage the use of Inmails to get the most from your LinkedIn marketing. Use the 9 tips below to get the best response rate from your Inmails.

  1. Create a great first impression. From the moment someone opens the Inmail you have 3 seconds to make a great first impression. Start with a compelling subject line then make sure the first few lines of your Inmail are equally as intriguing but professional.
  2. Make it personal. No one likes to read a message that sounds like it came from a robot. Provide a short, personable introduction. Keep it formal without sounding like another marketing email.
  3. Identify your connection in the opening lines. Let the recipient know how you are connected immediately. Even if you haven’t met you can always start with “we haven’t spoken before but I would like to . . .”
  4. Mention their profile. Create credibility and interest by making mention about how their profile interested you. You can also mention common causes or interests. Relationships created over commonality are far more fruitful than cold introductions.
  5. Let them know how you can benefit them. Make sure they know the value you and your practice bring to the table.
  6. Ask for a conversation. Indirectly request dialog via chat, email or phone. By asking indirectly you put the ball in their court.
  7. Don’t give away too much. Keep them intrigued by sparking the conversation but not overloading them with details. Keep it simple, short and interesting.
  8. Add them to your professional network. Always ask to add them to your network. If you have shared connections, make sure to mention who you are both connected to in order to increase their trust and likelihood of connecting with you. You could alter the generic invitation to connect to say “I would like to add you to my professional network. We also have a shared connection – Joe Smith.”
  9. Mention your contact information on LinkedIn.

Get the most from your LinkedIn marketing by leveraging Inmails to secure new patients and business connections.

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