Boost Your Social Media Marketing with Quotes

Boost Your Social Media Marketing with Quotes

Looking for a creative new way to boost your social media marketingstrategy? Then try incorporating weekly quotes. Quotes never get old plus they tend to get more re-shares than they do comments which helps expand the reach of your brand.

The best platforms to incorporate quotes on are Google+, Pinterest and Facebook. On Pinterest you can even create a group board for quotes or join existing groups such as Quotes Group Board on Pinterest orInspirational Quotes Group Board. According to Buffer 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook contain photos. Visual content is on the rise and all three of these platforms are ideal for posting visual content.

To get started with adding quotes to your social media marketing, it’s important to know where to look to find existing quotes. Two great places to find existing quotes are Fake Quotes on Tumbl r and Both are a high-quality resource for visual and textual quotes.

In addition to utilizing existing visual quotes, you can also create your own quotes by using tools such as and Both sites are easy, flexible and provide photos to use. If you want to incorporate photos that are more specific to your practice, you can also easily upload your own photos of your practice or team members and add inspirational, motivational or amusing quotes to those photos as well.

Next commit to posting quotes consistency once a week to get started. Creating a tradition of posting on the same day each week has the potential to get more users engaged as well as keeping you organized and accountable. When it comes to social media marketing consistency and creativity can go a long way.

Add hashtags to your quotes. You can use hashtags that are more generic such as #inspirationalquotes or you create a custom hashtag for your quote postings such as #MondayInspiration or #FunFriday. You can also combine your custom quote hashtag with the more generic hashtag; however, don’t overdo it on the hashtags. Keep it to a few at most. Adding hashtags can help your posts get discovered on social media.

Quotes make absolutely amazing content for social media sites. Start incorporating them into your social media marketing strategy to boost your reach and engagement.

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