Call Monitoring Tips for Businesses

Call Monitoring Tips for Businesses

At Pubcon 2014, John Rampton from Search Engine Journal had the opportunity to interview two call monitoring experts: Chris Cox from Invoca and John Busby from Marchex.

Learn how you can better measure the success of your advertising and call monitoring efforts by watching the two interviews below.


Key Takaways from the interview with Chris Cox:

  • Marketers making a big shift to mobile in all aspects as consumers are responding well to mobile ads.
  • Customers want to talk with businesses and advertisers can take advantage of that by serving ads and websites that have click-to-call functionality.
  • Marketers can better optimize click-to-call ads by having an easy call to action where customers can easily make a phone call from an ad by using a call extension.
  • When customers do reach out, make sure to provide them with a great customer experience.
  • Don’t use lengthy messages and make sure customers can get to who they need to speak with as fast as possible.
  • In regards to number placement, place it everywhere a consumer might look when they are wanting to make a call. Common placement includes the top of the page, the end of a blog post, in the footer and on any contact us type of pages.


Key Takaways from the interview with John Busby:

  • Marketers trying to understand which calls are good and which aren’t from mobile advertising and general advertising.
  • To measure true success, start using call tracking numbers in all advertising. Then you’ll understand which calls are working and which aren’t.
  • Set up unique phone numbers for each type of advertising so you’ll know if someone is calling from pay per click versus display.
  • Use conversational analytics to monitor things like speech, hold time, silence and music to provide a digital read-out of phone calls. This helps determine which types of calls convert into customers.
  • For best results, track calls back to specific keywords to reduce the amount of unwanted phone calls.

Use the tips from Chris and John to enhance your call monitoring strategies so you’ll be able to get better results from your advertising and convert more leads to customers.

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