How to Choose the Right Marketing Automation Software

How to Choose the Right Marketing Automation Software

Every day consumers are making decisions on which doctor, dentist or chiropractor to schedule a new patient appointment with and while consumers still pass through different stages of consideration and research before making a decision but the stages today look very different today than in the past. Additionally, consumers are more empowered than ever before – and they know it. In order to get more new patients medical marketers have to adapt to these changes.

The best way to quickly adapt to these continual changes and improve your marketing strategies is investing in marketing automation software which will allow you to stay one step ahead of the game. Don’t think ofmarketing automation software as a synonym for a CRM system which primarily focuses on sales. Marketing automation software concentrates on ways to improve consumers’ experience with your practice through real-time data accumulation and targeted personalization.

There are a lot of different types of marketing automation software to choose from and not all platforms are created equally. To get the most from your marketing automation software make sure it has the following features:

Lead Scoring Capabilities

Consumers today don’t follow the conversion trajectory set out by a business. They arrive at buying decisions in unpredictable ways popping in and out of the process as they see fit. Lead scoring helps marketers track prospective patients movements in and out of the buying funnel and monitors their leads’ level of interest. By assigning a value to each action an ideal prospect may take at a specific step in the funnel, lead scoring helps identify how valuable each prospect is based on the migration through the funnel. As a result, marketers can identify high quality prospects and offer targeted assistance when the lead reaches out.

Progressive Profiling

Progressive profiling is the act of gradually getting to know a lead. Instead of bombarding a prospective patient with too many questions during their first interaction, progressive profiling allows you to gradually get to know them. This increases the changes of them becoming a patient as being too heavy-handed during the first interaction often times drives leads away. Once you learn a certain amount of information about your prospective patient, a specific and directed call-to-action can automatically can present itself. This type of personalization is a crucial step in 2015 marketing.

Automated Communication

It’s easy to let prospective patients fall through the cracks but in order to get the most new patients possible each month it’s essential to maintain visibility. For example, how many times does your receptionist receive phone calls of a qualified prospective patients who asks a few questions, gets some information and then says they’ll call you back? How many of those qualified prospective patients ever call back to schedule a new patient appointment?

With consumers entering the buying funnel at any given point, being able to track their activity and communicate strategically is critically important. Automatic communication features allow you to easily continue reaching out to interested prospective patients with targeted messages to ensure that no qualified lead falls through the cracks.

Easy-to-Use Interface

No one wants to focus their energy on a confusing platform – it’s a waste of time, money and resources that could be spent generating quality leads. Find an intuitive interface that makes it easier, not more time consuming, for you to track and interpret data. Find a simple platform with an easy-to-use layout, design and functions so you can focus on turning quality leads into new patients instead of how to utilize yourmarketing automation software.

Making your marketing a success this year by investing in marketing automation software that enables you to accurately and effectively understand your customer base and turn more qualified leads into new patients. It’s easy to see profits from your marketing strategy as you turn more leads into loyal patients month over month.

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