Do Consumers Trust Online Marketing Mediums?

Do Consumers Trust Online Marketing Mediums?

For decades, traditional media has reigned supreme in terms of garnering consumer trust but based on a November 2014 poll by Edelman, online search engines has surpassed traditional media to become the most trusted media source globally. Based on the firm’s report, 64% of Internet users worldwide trusted online search engines the most for information. Traditional media however saw its response rate fall from 65% to 62% year over year. With the increase in trust for online sources, marketers may need to re-evaluate where they allocate budget in regards to traditional marketing versus online marketing.

sources internet users worldwide trust for news and information
According to the report, the sources Internet users worldwide trust for news and information are:

  • 64% | Online Search Engines
  • 62% | Traditional Media
  • 53% | Hybrid Media (blend of traditional and digital formats)
  • 48% | Social Media
  • 47% | Owned Media

source that internet users worldwide turn to first for business information
Additionally, search engines remained the most popular source that Internet users turned to first for business information followed by newspapers and TV. In fact 31% of Internet users first turned to online search to get business information. TV came in second at 22% with newspaper trailing closely at 21%.

Not only do consumers trust online sources when it comes to gathering information, they also regularly utilize these sources to find local businesses. Based on a 2014 BrightLocal survey, 57% of respondents searched online for a local business more than 6 times in the past 12 months. Out of all of the total respondents, 37% of them searched for a doctor or dentist in the past 12 months via the Internet.

Given the increased trust for online mediums and widespread use of online sources to find local businesses including medical and dental practices, having a strong online marketing strategy is a must for overall practice success.

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