The Evolution of Marketing Automation

The Evolution of Marketing Automation

Over 142,000 businesses are using marketing automation to increase qualified leads, increase sales productivity and reduce marketing overhead. To think, only 5 years ago marketing automation was only a $225 million industry and now it’s over $1.65 billion as a result of companies realizing the enormous revenue potential of marketing automation.

Marketo states that marketing automation is a category of technology that allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster. In other words, as a local business owner you can engage with old and new patients as well as streamline your new patient lead generation, segmentation (bucket patients by their treatments, demographics, etc..), nurture new patient leads, cross-sell and up-sell existing patients, improve patient retention and measure the ROI from your marketing. Overall, what was one a platform almost exclusively used for email marketing is now a marketing tool that can transform the way you market your entire dental or medical practice.

But why and how did marketing automation grow so rapidly and gain such extensive popularity?

The infographic below depicts the rise of marketing automation as well as the reasons for its explosive popularity among business owners.

rise of marketing automation

While the first marketing automation system launched in 1992, it wasn’t until faster Internet speeds in 2006 that marketing automation vendors flooded the market with multiple cloud-based tools like Salesfoce, Marketo, and Hubspot. Then with the emergence and popularity of social media, email marketing vendors were motivated to incorporate new features into their automated marketing tools. And in 2014, a total of 142,000+ businesses were using marketing automation to increase qualified leads, increase sales productivity and reduce marketing overhead.

If you think marketing automation is only for large enterprises, think again. Even though large companies have long found value in this technology, small and mid-sized businesses make up the fastest growing segment right now. For dental and medical practices owners who offer a variety of treatments and don’t specialize in only emergency based treatment, marketing automation offers a great way to not only increase loyalty from existing patients but increase the amount of leads who turn into long-lasting new patients.

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