Experts Weigh-In on the Google Panda Update

Experts Weigh-In on the Google Panda Update

It’s been a few months since Google’s Panda update created a frenzy for businesses in regards to their search engine optimization efforts and a lot of business owners are wondering how much impact Google’s Panda Update really had on search engine rankings.

Kelsey Jones recently released an article on with feedback from experts on the following question:

“Now that Panda 4.0 has been out for about a month, have you seen any long-standing changes to website traffic or SERPs? If so, what is your recommendation for first action steps to make the best out of this Google update?”

Marcus Tober, CTO and Founder of SearchMetrics 
According to Tober, unlike other recent Google search algorithm updates, he didn’t see many big changes following the Panda update. And even for the sites that were penalized, such as, they were able to quickly recover their drop in rankings. “When there are quick recoveries like this, it usually means that Google is still tweaking the update, or these sites were never actually affected by Panda,” stated Tober.

Joost de Valk, Creator of Yoast
Valk’s experience with the release of the new Google Panda update differed from Tober’s in that he had several clients posting that they “suffered severely from the last update.” Valk also mentioned not seeing any sites truly benefit from the Panda update. He reported a few false positives that were more likely the results of “allowing Google to spider CSS and JS and thus probably not ‘truly’ Panda.”

AJ Kohn, Owner of Blind Five Year 
Kohn discusses not only his experience in seeing sites that gained positioned as well as sites that were penalized but he also offers some helpful advice for how to benefit from Panda. “I’ve seen a number of sites see material gains in traffic (50%-400%) and one who was put into Panda Jail. If you’re trying to lose weight the best advice is boring: diet and exercise. So I have similar boring advice for Panda: quality content and good user experience.”

Mindy Weinstein, SEO Manager at Bruce Clay Inc. 
Weinstein stresses that it’s important to remember what Google is trying to accomplish with the Panda update: improving the quality of their product (i.e. displaying the most relevant and useful search results to searchers). As such, Weinstein states that sites with thin, syndicated content were hurt while sites with quality content gained visibility. For any penalized sites, Weinstein suggests starting with auditing the sites content and then developing a solid strategy for creating content that is engaging and interesting to users.

Overall it appears that a common thread between the experts when it comes to the Google Panda Update, regardless of their experience with seeing increases or decreases in website visibility, is focusing on removing thin content from the website and replacing it with quality content that engages consumers.

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