Facebook Advertising Now Track Offline Sales

Facebook Advertising Now Track Offline Sales

Tired of not knowing which online display advertising ads generate offline sales for your practice? facebook advertisingWant to have a better understanding of your patient’s purchasing journey? Facebook advertising aims to challenge Google and other leading online advertising by tracking users across multiple platforms to connect online ad impressions with offline sales.

The new platform Facebook advertising utilizes, Atlas, enables true cross-device advertising unlike cookie based advertising. Cookie based advertising has limitations such as not being able to follow consumers across devices such as mobile which makes them not as accurate in demographic targeting as well as measuring the customer purchase funnel across all browsers and devices.

The new Facebook advertising platform enables “people-based marketing” where Facebook advertisers will have increased access to user information and the consumer purchasing journey. With the enhanced Facebook advertising, marketers can now connect ad engagements with specific Facebook accounts and then anonymously track those users across multiple devices. This enhanced tracking ability allows marketers to know which ads are being viewed, interacted with and ultimately which ads influenced a purchasing decision.

The biggest impact this new platform will have is in mobile. A lot of marketers aren’t spending time or budget on mobile since cookies can’t track consumers across those devices. Not only will the new Facebook advertising platform allow for increased mobile tracking, it will allow marketers to have a better understanding of how consumers use multiple devices when making purchasing decisions. For example, a marketer may learn that a purchase was made on a mobile phone but the ad that led to that purchase was originally viewed on a desktop computer.

With the new “people-based marketing” approach Facebook advertisingis taking, it is safe to say that more healthcare marketers will begin leveraging Facebook to expand their reach and drive new patients to their practice.

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