Get Ahead of the Competition with Marketing Automation

Get Ahead of the Competition with Marketing Automation

Despite the benefits of marketing automation such as improved lead management and campaign management, most marketers still haven’t adopted this technology. eMarketer predicts bigger growth and adoption in the coming years but as of December 2014, according to a study conducted by Ascend2, only 24% of marketing professionals worldwide are using marketing automation extensively.

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However, 35% of worldwide marketers have limited use ofmarketing automation and 34% of marketing professionals worldwide who are currently not usingmarketing automation plan on using it in the future. Even B2B marketers, who are often considered more advanced at marketing automation, haven’t fully adopted marketing automation with only 13% of respondents in a poll by CallidusCloud having automated 75% or more of their sales and marketing processes.

If you’re not familiar with marketing automation it refers to the software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments to more effectively market across multiple channels, automate tasks and track marketing campaigns. Marketing automation software has the capabilities to track from the first time a potential patient visits your site all the way through to when they finally book an appointment. This data enables you to know which marketing campaigns are most effective at generating new patients for your practice.

If you’re looking to improve your marketing efforts to generate more new patients you’d be wise to jump on the automation train quickly. Among Ascend2 respondents, 86% said marketing automation was successful at some level in achieving important objectives.

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According to a February 2015,marketing automation strategy survey conducted by Ascend2, the following are the most importantmarketing automation strategy objectives.

  • 47% want to increase sales revenue
  • 47% want to increase lead generation
  • 44% want to improve lead nurturing
  • 37% want to improve customer engagement
  • 33% want to improve marketing productivity
  • 25% want to improve performance measurability
  • 25% want to improve campaign targeting
  • 20% want to improve marketing-sales alignment

Marketing automation offers tremendous benefits to marketers such as being able to shorten the sales cycle and increase new patient volume. If you want to get ahead of your competition, invest in marketing automation.

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