Get New Patients with Google AdWords Call-Only Campaigns

Get New Patients with Google AdWords Call-Only Campaigns

88% of consumers looking for healthcare information start with search engines states a recent Google study. If you want to increase the amount of new patients for your practice, it’s essential to have a presence in the exact places your potential patients are turning to for information.

Google AdWords has always been a great marketing investment for medical and dental practices looking to grow their practice. And, more often than not, the type of conversion doctors and dentists are looking for are the kind that make the phone ring. While email newsletter sign-ups or completing website forms are important, phone calls are most crucial to success.

If one of the major goals of your online marketing is to make you phone ring with new patients scheduling appointments, then Google AdWordshas a new campaign type for you: call-only campaigns.

Call-only campaigns are a way for businesses to display their phone number, business descriptions and call button prominently in the exact place potential patients are searching. Additionally, Google states that around 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results and these campaigns are optimized specifically for mobile devices. This means there is a lot of potential to generate new patients with this type of campaign especially since clicks on these ads don’t land to a website. They immediately result in a call.

Since every click for a call-only campaign goes towards a phone call, you can design a bidding strategy based upon your cost per acquisition goal. Additionally, with the ads you can encourage calls with specific calls-to-action such as “call now to speak with a patient coordinator” or “call now for a free consultation.”

Upgrade your Google AdWords campaign with a call-only campaign. It’s a great way to have a strong mobile presence and get new patients.

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