Does Google Have 85% of Search Traffic?

Does Google Have 85% of Search Traffic?

Conductor reports that Google now has 85% of search traffic which is 18% more than comScore reports.

When crafting online marketing plans, knowing the market share of each search engine can play a vital role. In order to allocate budget properly to ensure maximum ROI, one must know where consumers are turning when conducting searches. Yet comScore and Conductor now report conflicting numbers on search engine market share.

In an interview with Nathan Safran, director of research for Conductor, the decision to conduct a report stemmed from their clients wanting objective, independent research on market share. As a result of these requests, Conductor studied more than 100 million organic search visits over a 6 month period and then segmented that traffic by search engine. To ensure accuracy of the results, Conductor analyzed a large sample size, drew from a variety of websites like B2B, B2C and publishers and then reviewed all data sets for any anomalies. The main difference between the data presented by comScore and Conductor is that Conductor looked at actual post-click market share and comScore looked at pre-click traffic.

A 13% discrepancy between the data sets can pose a major problem for marketers who are trying to compose a winning online marketingstrategy. And like Conductor, other researchers in search have also stated that their numbers in regard to search engine market share don’t line up with comScore’s numbers either.

Regardless of which data set a marketer chooses to base decisions off of, it is clearly evident that both data sets reinforce the notion that Google is the dominant player in search. Yet one could argue that when developing an online marketing strategy, that a different online marketing strategy would need to be developed for each of the data sets as it relates to Google market share. At the end of the day, a safe bet could be to average the two data sets and assume a 76% market share for Google. With that assumption, one could create an online marketing plan that strongly favors Google followed by the other major players in search engine marketing Bing, Yahoo and

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