How Google AdWords Protects You from Click Fraud

How Google AdWords Protects You from Click Fraud

One of the most frequently asked questions by Google AdWords advertisers is “how can I block competitors that might be clicking on my ads?” Google answers this question in one of their recent videos on their Google AdWords video series called Ask AdWords in which they answer questions from advertisers each week.

The Google AdWords video below discusses the proactive and reactive measures Google takes to ensure Google advertisers aren’t charged for invalid clicks.

According to the Google AdWords Help site, Google considers the following invalid clicks:

  • manual clicks intended to increase your advertising costs or to increase profits for website owners by hosting your ads
  • clicks by automated clicking tools, robots or other deceptive software
  • extraneous clicks that provide no value to the advertiser, such as the second click of a double-click

Google AdWords is built upon advertisers getting legitimate traffic to their website and ultimately generating more business. In order to help ensure that all traffic is quality traffic, Google has a team and a system in place to help ensure advertisers aren’t charged for invalid activity (also known as invalid clicks). The Ad Traffic Quality team helps prevent against click fraud by working to isolate and filter out potentially invalid clicks before they even reach your reports.

While Google does work to proactively detect as many invalid clicks as possible, Google also provides advertisers with a way to request an investigation into their AdWords traffic as well as block any suspicious IP addresses which will prevent anyone using that IP address from seeing and clicking on your ads.

With the proactive and reactive measures Google AdWords puts in place to help prevent invalid clicks, it is highly unlikely that your competitors are depleting your AdWords budget with invalid clicks.

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