How to Get the Most from Your Remarketing

How to Get the Most from Your Remarketing

Even though it has been around for years, remarketing (also known as retargeting) is just now starting to gain acceptance and use by all types of businesses including dentists and doctors. When it comes to compelling website visitors to take action such as call or submit a form to book an appointment, one visit is typically not enough. Remarketing provides businesses with an opportunity to bring back indecisive customers with tailored ads and offers that relate to the experience they had on your website. In other words, as stated on Think with Google, you get another chance to close the deal.

However, while it is great to get back in front of potential patients, there is an opportune timeframe and method in order to get more new patients to your practice. In an interview with Erin Sagin of Wordstream, Loren Baker, founder of Search Engine Journal, got answers to questions like “are companies going overboard when compared to what they intended to do?” and “are they [businesses] blowing too much of their budget on remarketing?”

Some of the key takeaways from the interview include:

  • Even business owners who don’t have marketing managers are managing remarketing campaigns. And while it’s a good marketing tactic, it’s important to be educated on best practices to get the most return on investment.
  • When it comes to membership duration, the amount of time lapses between visited a site and being remarketed to, it’s essential to consider the buying cycle for the services you offer.
  • For products or services with a long buying cycle such as most types of plastic surgery, a longer membership duration is necessary. For services with a shorter buying cycle such as emergency dental, a shorter membership duration is needed.
  • Tweak creative based on where customers are in the buying cycle. You don’t want to show the same ad to someone when they are researching information and again when they are ready to book an appointment. Think about your audience and create ads and messages that would appeal to them most at each point in the buying cycle.
  • Use multiple ad formats or sizes. The more ad sizes you utilize, the more people you’ll be able to get in front of.
  • There are multiple remarketing formats so make sure to try different formats to determine which format yields the most return on investment.

Remarketing campaigns perform well because consumers see ads for your services that reconnect them with their previous encounters of your brand and services. This continual connections makes them more likely to book an appointment with your practice.

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