How Marketing Automation Can Grow Your Practice

How Marketing Automation Can Grow Your Practice

While marketing automation is still new and complex enough that even vendors of automation systems face challenges running their own marketing operations, there is no doubt that for medical and dental practice owners marketing automationcan significantly boost the volume of new patients, existing patient treatments and revenue.

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Adoption of marketing automation has been fairly rapid with MarketsandMarkets estimating that marketing automation software revenues worldwide would grow from $3.65 billion in 2014 to $5.50 billion in 2019. Given the immense benefits of marketing automation, it’s no surprise that adoption has been so rapid. According to a March 2014 study conducted by Regalix, B2B marketers cited the following benefits of marketing automation:

  • 86% cited improved lead management and nurturing
  • 73% cited measurable results
  • 66% cited enhanced personalization
  • 64% cited seamless campaign execution and tracking
  • 61% cited increase efficiency and productivity
  • 50% cited marketing and sales alignment
  • 30% cited better customer relationship management
  • 16% cited acquisition of business intelligence
  • 14% cited improved user engagement

Like B2B marketers, dental and medical practice owners can also leverage the power of marketing automation improve lead management, lead nurturing and customer relationships. Specifically for medical and dental practices, marketing automation can help:

  • Build trust with existing patients
  • Get patients to refer friends and family at a higher volume
  • Get lost patients to come back (such as those who cancel appointments and don’t reschedule or those who originally said “no” to a recommended course of treatment)
  • Patients easily reschedule appointments so no existing or new patient falls through the cracks
  • Follow up with in-treatment patients (send relevant information regarding their treatment such as what to expect, benefits of the treatment and any follow up care)
  • Gather feedback post treatment such as prompting patients to leave reviews online

If you want to increase patient referrals, build trust with existing patients, get more patients to say “yes” to recommended treatments and grow your practice then you need to investment in marketing automation.

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