How Marketing Automation Can Help You Get New Patients

How Marketing Automation Can Help You Get New Patients

For many marketers marketing automation is an infatuation and much loved marketing tool; yet, for many local business owners marketing automation is a tool they dread.

In an ideal world, marketing automation helps businesses nurture prospects via highly personalized, useful content or touch points that helps convert prospects to customers and then into satisfied customers. And while marketing automation has a ton of benefits, there are also a lot of misconceptions surrounding the concept of marketing automation.

One of the most prevalent marketing automation misconceptions, particularly with local business owners, is that it is a complex tool that a smaller marketing team would struggle to set up and maintain. However,marketing automation is specifically geared towards helping marketers do more with less which makes it the perfect solution for small businesses with limited time, resources and team members to manage their marketing.

Below are 4 ways that marketing automation can grow your efforts for generating new patients.

Do More In Less Time

How often do you feel like you never have enough time to manage your practice and your marketing? Are you constantly stressing about how to generate enough new patients for your practice? Time is the one resource that you can never make more of and it’s also the one that always seems incredibly hard to come by whether you are just starting you practice or fast-growing practice. How much time could you save if you could eliminate some of your more tedious tasks that are filling your schedule? How many new patients do you think you would generate by following up in a timely fashion or with scaled marketing efforts that contain personalized messages that speak to potential patients specific needs?Marketing automation helps you eliminate mindless tasks, scale personalization, and essentially add another member to your marketing team allowing you to focus on higher level strategies for your practice.

Learn More About Patient Interests & Target More Effectively

When marketing tools spread across multiple platforms, it not only wastes your time but also prevents you from having a complete picture of your patients. With marketing automation you are able to pull all of your marketing into one comprehensive tool and use the data to build a fuller picture of your patients. With this data you can target potential patients more effectively with customized marketing campaigns. You will be able to create, deploy, manage and measure all your marketing assets in one place.

Marketing Automation Benefits More Than Just Your Marketing Team

Marketing automation doesn’t only benefit your marketing team and given you more time back in your day. By implementing marketing automation you will be able to work smarter and ultimately generate more patients for your practice. Both your marketing team and your team that schedules new patient appointments will get new insights into your patients and be able to get more new patients scheduled.

Know Which Marketing Efforts Are Working – and Which Aren’t

You spend a lot of money on marketing and it’s imperative to know which marketing efforts are working and which aren’t. Marketing automation allows you to see which campaigns are generating new patient leads and which aren’t. Additionally, marketing automation also allows you to get a glimpse into which internal processes are having the most significant impact on the growth of your practice. With marketing automation you’ll see interactions from click to close so you can identify areas of opportunity to improve the efficiency of your sales funnel.

While, on the surface, it may seem like marketing automation will be a costly endeavor that requires more work on your behalf, marketing automation offers a way to streamline your marketing, identify areas of opportunity, improve processes and put more time back in your busy schedule.

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