Marketing Automation Software is in Increasing Demand by SMBs

Marketing Automation Software is in Increasing Demand by SMBs

Digital commerce created a whole new ballgame when it comes to consumer behavior and barriers to entry for local business owners such as dentists and doctors. It has put a wealth of information and the ability to browse and purchase at consumers fingertips night and day not to mention wiping out almost all of the barriers to market entry that existed in the brick-and-mortar world. With this shift came the ability for local dentists and medical professionals to deliver super-personal experiences to patients throughmarketing automation.

Nearly all (98%) of local business software buyers are shopping formarketing automation software for the first time states a report based on an analysis of 365 phone conversations between local business software buyers and research firm Software Advice. The report focused on local businesses with $50 or less in revenue with 67% of respondents having less than $1 million in revenue.

“Our data shows that almost all companies are evaluating marketing automation software for the first time,” states Luke Wallace, CRM market research associate at Software Advice. “Many still also rely on manual marketing methods such as pen and paper, spreadsheets and one-off emails to manage their marketing activities.”

In fact, the survey found that 47% of the local business marketing automation buyers are still using manual methods to manage their marketing activities. Only 2% of the businesses surveyed currently usemarketing automation software.

top reasons for evaluating new marketing automation sfotware

According to the survey, the following were the top reasons for evaluating new software:

  • 27% said to improve lead management
  • 15% said they were unhappy with current system
  • 13% said they needed better/more features
  • 10% said it was due to company growth
  • 9% said it they needed it for better integration
  • 8% said they needed it to automate processes
  • 4% said it was time to upgrade/update
  • 13% fell into the other/unspecified category

When evaluating new marketing automation software the business owners cited the following as the top features they were looking for:

  • 74% contact management
  • 55% email marketing
  • 43% lead tracking
  • 39% “drip” marketing campaigns
  • 38% follow-up management

Based on another study, the most common reasons local businesses have not invested in marketing automation is the anticipated expense (90%) and resource demands (82%). While it’s easy to believe that marketing automation software will lead to more expense than profit, many studies support that marketing automation tools drive higher marketing returns and reduce manual processes through automation. If you are consideringmarketing automation software for your medical or dental practice think of it as a replacement technology for marketing tactics that aren’t driving optimal results for your practice instead of just another expense.

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