Measuring ROI Through Analytics

Measuring ROI Through Analytics

With all of the data marketers have available today it can be a struggle at times to make sense of it all. But all businesses can use analytics data to make smarter business decisions according to research from Constant Contact. In fact, nearly 8 in 10 U.S small-business professionals said they were using analytics data to make smarter decisions. With all the available analytics data, it’s easy to utilize this information to measure ROI from a variety of sources.

Small business marketers are using analytics data in the following ways to help them grow their business:

  • 76% are using it to find new customers
  • 67% are using it to retain customers
  • 65% are using it to improve customer experience
  • 44% are using it to segment marketing lists
  • 31% are using it to develop new products
  • 28% are using it to find new geographic markets

The biggest advantage small business marketers, like dental and chiropractic marketers, say analytics data provides them is in finding new customers. More than 7 in 10 said that’s how the data helped them grow their business. And about two-thirds said it helped them retain their customers or improve their customer experience. Both of which are helpful for increasing profits in the long-term.

For respondents of Constant Contact’s research, email marketing reports were the most used type of reporting with website and social media analytics placing second and third respectively.

Between website, social and email analytics there are a lot of ways to gather important information that can be utilized to attract new patients as well as help you increase your patient experience to retain your existing patients. Plus, this data can help you measure ROI from your advertising and find ways to boost it.

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