How Much Traffic Do You Really Get from Google AdWords & SEO?

How Much Traffic Do You Really Get from Google AdWords & SEO?

If you were to ask consumers which search engine has the lion’s share of the market when it comes to consumer search, there’s no question that Google would be the number one answer. But do you know just how large the percentage of traffic that comes from Google AdWords and Google organic results?

According to one source, Google accounts for over 90% of global organic search.

share of organic search traffic to websites worldwide

Based on recent research from Define Media Group, who tracked traffic to 94 sites across various industry verticals between January and November 2014, Google accounted for a whopping 93% of online and mobile web traffic worldwide. While Bing and Yahoo accounted for only a mere 6% combined.

But other recent studies disagree with these percentages; albeit not by much. According to Merkle | RKG findings, when looking at only the US in Q3 of 2014, Google accounted for 83% of organic search visits with Bing accounting for 8% and Yahoo accounts for 7%. Yet ComScore put Google’s monthly search share in the US at 67% and Bing and Yahoo at a combined 29%; however, ComScore only looked at US desktop traffic.

RKG reported that mobile devices fueled overall organic search growth with mobile organic search visits rising 45% between Q3 2013 and Q3 2014. Based on RKG’s report, Google accounted for 85% of the traffic. StatCounter found similar results reporting that 85.6% share of US mobile organic visits came from Google and less than 20% of combined traffic share, in both reports, came from Yahoo and Bing.

Despite the variances in market share differences on each report, there is one clear conclusion: Google dominates when it comes to search traffic.

While this may make you more inclined to shift online marketing dollars to Google AdWords and SEO only, don’t. Even though Google drives the bulk of traffic, don’t underestimate the ROI that you can generate from the other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing. Opt for a presence across all search engines both through paid advertising and organic to see which sources deliver the best ROI for your medical or dental practice.

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