Why You Need Call Recording & Scoring for Your Local Business

Why You Need Call Recording & Scoring for Your Local Business

Inbound calls convert to revenue 10 to 15 times more than web leads which makes phone calls a highly sought after conversion. And as smartphone use continues to grow, consumers are getting in touch with companies via phone calls more than ever. For local businesses, like medical and dental practices, phone calls are not only one of the main ways existing and potential patients contact your practice but the ideal way to determine the strengths and weaknesses in your marketing campaigns as well as your call handling team.

With greater importance placed on phone calls, more marketers and local business owners are turning to call tracking software to track the marketing source of calls, optimize marketing campaigns, redistribute budget to the most profitable marketing channels, close the attribution loop and work with internal team on call handling skills. The true ROI of a campaign can’t be measured solely by the number of calls generated but by the number of new patients and revenue generated. This is why in addition to simply tracking phone calls, businesses are also harnessing call recording and scoring to learn how many new patients are being generated and how their internal team does at converting call leads into scheduled new patients.

Learn the top 4 reasons you need call recording and scoring for your business.

#1. Insights into New Patient Interaction

If 10 potential patients called your practice right now, do you know how many of them your team would convert into a scheduled new patient? Do you know the top reasons that those leads aren’t converting into new patients?

If you don’t know the answers these questions then you need to invest in call recording and scoring for your practice. Call recording enables you to highlight pinch-points in the sales process (ie the hurdles that your team is not able to overcome). Additionally, you can identify any common questions or concerns and decide if creating landing page or new content on your website that addresses these concerns to reduce confusion before the call will be beneficial for your practice.

#2. Identify Gaps in the Sales Process

When was the last time you listened to how your team was handling inbound patient leads Do you know how much revenue you are losing on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis due to poor call handling? Do you even think about the team who handles your inbound patient calls as salespeople?

Like it or not, anyone in your practice who answers inbound phone calls is a salesperson and it’s up to them to convert those inbound leads into scheduled new patients for your medical or dental practice. With call recording you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team when it comes to converting inbound leads into new patients. If your marketing campaigns are driving phone calls but nothing is converting into new patients, call recording enables you to narrow down any problems in this part of the sales path. While it may seem intrusive to have someone listen to the phone calls, it can actually help you identify new training opportunities for your call handling team.

#3. Implement Better Call Handling Processes

Did you know that 85% of missed phone calls to your practice will not call back? And 75% of people will not leave a voicemail and will hang up when confronted with an automated system. With call recording you can call these potential patients back and get them scheduled as new patients. These are leads you never even knew existed without call recording but present a phenomenal opportunity to generate more new patients with your existing marketing strategy and budget.

With call recording software, you can get back in touch with callers who don’t leave a voicemail and callers who hang up while on hold. Furthermore, you can identify these gaps in patient service and make internal changes to improve your overall patient experience. Take a snapshot of your week’s inbound patient leads. Look at how long it takes for the calls to be answered, how many calls are outside of normal business hours, how many patients are put on hold for over 30 seconds, and how many leads get your voicemail and don’t leave a message. Based on this data, make changes to how your team handles inbound leads to convert more leads into new patients. Implementing a better call handling strategy can put an end to missed opportunities.

#4. Know Which Channels Generate the Most Qualified Leads

Call tracking software provides you with crucial marketing data – the marketing campaigns that generate the most leads. With call recording and scoring, you can easily pinpoint which marketing sources not only generate the highest volume of phone leads but which produce the highest volume of qualified phone leads. For example, you may discover that your SEO strategy generates the highest volume of phone calls but that your pay per click campaign actually generates the highest volume of qualified new patient call leads. When it comes to determining marketing budget for various sources, knowing which marketing source generates the highest volume of qualified leads is invaluable.

Knowing which marketing sources generate the most qualified leads and how your team is handling inbound leads can make all the difference in your profit margins. Put your efforts into learning where your missed opportunities are with call recording. Then continue to refine your marketing and call handling to capitalize on your inbound leads.

About Alan Moore: Alan started his career in 1999 as a Marketing Consultant and is the owner of www.ExtraPatients.com. Over the years, he has migrated his focus of expertise to everything digital. His mission is to help you increase your revenues and decrease unproductive advertising expenses through proven, online marketing strategies. He manages over $4,200,000 in yearly marketing budgets and has worked with local businesses, agencies and the US government. Give him a call to schedule a Free Online Marketing Consultation for your practice.

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