The New Way Google Emphasizes Patient Reviews

The New Way Google Emphasizes Patient Reviews

About 62% of consumers consults online patient reviews as one of their first steps to finding a new doctor. It’s no surprise that having a strong presence on online review sites complete with positive reviews helps you attract new patients.

Google is now making online reviews, particularly on yourGoogle+ Local page, even more important. Recently, Google has started to periodically show patient reviews in local search results within the Google Knowledge Graph. Started in 2012, this graph attempts to answer questions you never thought to ask and help you discover more information about what you are searching for. The goal is for Google users to utilize this knowledge to resolve their query without having to navigate to other sites. For the past few months, Google has been addingpatient reviews when consumers are searching for medical professionals like dentists, doctors and chiropractors within the Knowledge Graph.

The patient reviews that are showcased on the Knowledge Graph include a brief quote from the review, a patient’s profile picture (if they have one) and the bolded sections of the quote. The bolded sections represent statements frequently repeated throughout a majority of patient reviews for that practice. For example, if a bunch of patients write that a medical practice has “great patient care and a friendly, knowledgeable staff” those words would be bolded within the quoted section of the review.

While there is no clear reason why some practices have their reviews showcased more than others, Mike Blumenthal believes that medical practices with more current reviews on their Google+ page will have their reviews featured over practices whose most recent patient reviews are a few months old.

Online Reviews

Like it or not, generating new patient reviews, particularly on your Google+ Local page, continues to increase in importance for local medical practice owners. Not only are more patients seeking out reviews when looking for a new dentist, doctor or chiropractor, major search engines like Google are even leveraging reviews to determine which type of information they are going to showcase about your practice. According to Blumenthal, the most likely way to get patient reviews showcased on the Knowledge Graph is to ensure you consistently have new patient reviews posted on your Google+ Local page.

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