Online Reviews Keeping You Up At Night?

Online Reviews Keeping You Up At Night?

Reputation Management is not a new term, but it’s one that is starting to gain popularity now as both companies and individuals are dealing with the sting of words written by upset patients or even disgruntled employees.

Did you have a crappy room service experience with Wyndham’s Bonnet Creek Resort? Apparently, a lot of people have. And boy, do they like to vent about their unhappy experience on the Internet.

Negative reviews do two things:

(1) It provides an easy way for unhappy patients to voice their unhappiness because they were genuinely not treated very well, and

(2) It provides almost real time feedback for practice owners about their patients’ experience. Smart doctors should take this as constructive criticism to listen to the reasons behind patient problems and take corrective actions to fix the customer problems if they are valid.

Another more pragmatic issue is the removal of the negative reviewsitself. There are a few websites out there that are designed to stir up trouble like The website is run by a guy living in Europe and in a country with no extradition laws to the U.S, getting your negative remarks removed once posted by an anonymous user is next near to impossible.

Online Reputation

Managing your online reputation is not exactly an easy thing to do. But it can be done. And bad remarks are not just limited to big brands like Coke, Wyndham, or Comcast. In fact, there are entire sites devoted to the “crappy at best,” customer service policies practiced by Comcast. was started by Adverting Age’s Bob Garfield as a way to declare a Customer Jihad against the lies, missed appointments and overbilling practices of Comcast.

Consumers can build trust in brands, products and things they like simply by LIKING them by clicking the Facebook LIKE button. But they also can voice their likes or dis-likes on millions of forums, WordPress blogs and news sites like Huffington Post, CNN, Fox or

Want my two cents advice? Be good. Treat your patients with the same degree of respect and responsibility you’d want if it were YOU on the receiving end of care.

Doing good things, going the extra mile will pay off in huge dividends with people saying good things about your company online.

Be safe. It’s a jungle out there.

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