How Practices are Using Social Media in 2015

How Practices are Using Social Media in 2015

Only 53% of small businesses like dental and medical practices utilize social media and of the 47% who do not use social media, 25% say they are unlikely to use it in the future according to a survey conducted by research firm Clutch. The report that was conducted in February 2015 asked 354 small business owners or managers about their current and future uses for social media.

Even though consumers are turning to the Internet in increasing rates to conduct research and find new companies to do business with, overall it appears that local business owners are reluctant to adopt different digital marketing strategies such as social media as only 53% of respondents use social media, only 45% leverage SEO and only a mere 25% utilize online advertising.

Social media provides a great opportunity for medical and dental practices to build a community for existing and potential patients online, provide general information about their practice, offer exclusive special promotions, and interact and engage with current and future patients. And, with Google’s latest algorithm updates, social media also helps practices improve their organic rank and visibility.

Some of the key takeaways from this study include:

  • Only 38% of respondents said they plan on increasing their internal investment in social media in 2015
  • 12% said they plan on increasing the use of an outside agency or consultant while 30% plan on decreasing their spend on an outside agency or consultant
  • Only 30% of respondents planned on increasing spend on advertising on social media sites despite the decrease in organic reach on some sites like Facebook

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While medical and dental practices don’t have to spend a lot on social media advertising, they should spend time creating a community on the right social media sites for existing and future patients, providing followers with informative content and offer limited-time exclusives offers. To get the best results, Mike Rosa at 180Fusion states:
“If you’re a small to medium sized business and have limited resources, having an agency involved is very important. Ideally the best outcomes that we see are in situations where small businesses have an agency in place to provide a lot of strategy and generate content, and then having a business owner or someone engaged on their end as well.”

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