Is Your Relationship with Your Digital Marketing Partner in Good Standing?

Is Your Relationship with Your Digital Marketing Partner in Good Standing?

Do you trust your marketing agency(ies)? Do you feel that you have a strong relationship with them? Do you believe it’s important to have a strong relationship with your marketing partner?

attitude toward agency/client relationships

If you are like most marketers then you are looking for an agency you can have a strong, trusting relationship with. According to a February 2015 study by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) the majority of agency professionals and client-side marketers agree: the relationship between the two is important for business. In fact, 97% of the 105 US agency professionals surveyed either agreed or strongly agreed that a long-term relationship is important. Out of the 126 US client-side marketers who were polled 89% felt that a long-term relationship was important. Both sides were in close agreement that the extent of their relationship was “strong.”

Interestingly, while 66% of client-side marketers agree that their agency relationships are strong only 21% strongly trust their agency and only 57% simply trust their agency. This leaves 22% of client-side marketers who are either neutral about trusting their agency or do not trust their marketing partner.

While both agency professionals and client-side marketers attest to an overall positive relationship, there was dissent about the individual roles they play in executing effective campaigns. As one might logically conclude, both groups rate their own contributions higher than the other group. For example, 76% of agency professionals felt their role in the clients’ business strategy was important while only 65% of the client-side marketers thought the same. To further demonstrate the rift between the two, 90% of agency professionals agreed that the agency “plays an important role in driving business results,” vs. only 74% of client-side marketers.

attitude toward client briefing and process approval

Part of these attitudes could stem from additional disagreements in the client approval process and if clients provide clear assignments. The study found that while 58% of client-side marketers either strong agreed or agreed that they provide “clear assignment briefings” to their agencies none of the agency side professionals strongly agreed and only 27% agreed. 43% of agency professionals actually disagreed with this statement.

Regardless of which side is at fault, it’s certainly safe to say that there could be improvements in communication, role clarity, expectation and marketing execution. This study certainly illustrates the importance of communication from both sides especially early in the process to result in stronger and more trusting relationships between client-side marketers and agency professionals.

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