Sex, Tires and Dentists

Sex, Tires and Dentists

What a weird way to start a blog, I know, but hear me out before you dismiss what I am about to say.

According to Spyfu, a web tool used by thousands of internet marketing companies, these are the top 5 keywords with clicks across the web. We’ve been told that the Internet is made up of sites related to pornography and we have all heard the verbiage sex sells. But tires, tire and dentist rounds out the top 5?

Top Searched Keywords

But think about it for a moment. Everyone with a vehicle needs tires from time to time but EVERYONE needs a dentist or doctor eventually. And when you do not have a referral, where do you go?

The INTERNET or Dr. Google as I call it.

In a world of immediate access through Siri, SmartPhones or $199 tablets with free WIFI, the Internet is an ever-evolving and profitable niche you should be taking advantage of at your practice. One that if used properly can move your New Patient numbers to all time highs, but if managed wrong, can drain your bank account like no ones business.

To learn more about your local opportunity, give me a call or fill out a consultation request for a free 1 hour, no pressure consultation. I will show you what we do, how we do it, the opportunity for your practice online and of course the costs. If you like what you hear, you can hire me. If you do not see the value, I promise not to call and harass you in the future. I am as straightforward as they come. Call me with your calendar handy.

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