Are You Taking Advantage of Bing’s Growing Search Share?

Are You Taking Advantage of Bing’s Growing Search Share?

For the first time, Microsoft Bingpassed 20% market share on desktop in March according to ComScore. Are you reaching consumers who are utilizing this growing search engine?

Even though Google still controls the vast majority of desktop search at 64.4% market share, this uptick in Bingsearch share means that 1 in 5 searches in the US conduct searches onBing. Google and Yahoo both slipped 0.1 percentage points while Bing squeezed 0.3 percentage points.

Additionally, IgnitionOne reported that US search market share for YahooBing rose to 26.9% of spend for Q1 2015 with Google at 73.1%. This was the highest market share for Yahoo Bing and lowest for Google since Q3 2008. Overall though search volume at all the major search engines saw growth which bodes well for paid search marketers looking for higher volumes of search queries.

Based on Pew Research data, 77% of consumers looking for healthcare information start at search engines like Google and Bing. Are those consumers able to find you across all major search engines – particularly at Bing?

Many healthcare marketers ensure they have visibility on Google in both the organic section and the paid section yet many fail to ensure they have visibility on Bing. With Bing’s market share continuing to grow, it’s crucial that dental, medical and chiropractic marketers focus on increasing their visibility on Bing in addition to Google.

Make sure you are showing in all of the areas that prospective patients are searching for your medical and dental services. Right now 1 in 5 prospective patients are looking for your services on Bing – can they find you?

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