How to Use Marketing to Help You Grow Revenue

How to Use Marketing to Help You Grow Revenue

Do you look at marketing as a necessary evil to doing business? Do you think of it only as something that spends your money instead of helping you grow revenue?

If you said “yes” to these questions you are certainly not alone; however, you are missing out on a big opportunity with this type of mindset. Buyers have adapted and, in result, so has marketing. Buyers are Internet-savvy, self-educated, and likely to know exactly what they want and need prior to ever contacting your business. Marketing can help your team adapt to be on equal footing with your customers and ultimately grow revenue for your business.

Check out the infographic below from Marketing Profs to learn how marketing can help you grow revenue.

use marketing to grow revenue

You can’t expect marketing to help you grow revenue if you still think of it as a cost center. First you must bring about a shift in your thinking. If you continue to think about marketing as a cost center it will continue to be just that. Not only does marketing help you grow revenue but it also provides a wealth of data about your customers that you can use to continually refine your marketing to generate better results.

Any member of your team who works with your customer is part of your sales team. Utilize the data from your marketing strategies to educate your team members so they are at the very least as educated as your buyers. As a result, when customers come in or speak to anyone on your team they are equipped to answer any questions and help you generate more new customers and/or additional revenue from existing customers.

Marketing can have a big impact on helping you grow revenue but only if you allow it. By changing your mindset and educating your team you can start to make your marketing a key asset in revenue generation.

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