Use Visuals to Boost Your Social Media Results

Use Visuals to Boost Your Social Media Results

Do you know what type of posts get 53% more likes on Facebook and double the retweets on Twitter?

Visual posts. Effective visuals should be a big part of your social media strategy as it is one of the most effective ways to communicate. Visuals captivate audiences far more effectively than text alone so if you want to boost your social media results then combine images with useful content.

Engage your social media users and increase their numbers by strategically incorporating more visual elements to your posts.

Take pages out of the book of those who are already extremely successful on social media. Find influential users you want to be affiliated with and follow and like their content. Pay attention to their hashtags and reuse those as well as trending ones to ensure your images come up for industry and generic searches. Boost the number of likes on an Instagram post by 110% simply by using three hashtags states Piquora. Piquora also states that you should use seven hashtags as a general rule when posting. While this is a good general rule of thumb, watch what successful influencers in your industry are doing and model your social media after what they are doing. Then monitor and evaluate the results to see how well different techniques and strategies work with your audience.


You need to use the right visual style for your brand and your audience. Create a visual style that sets your brand apart but remains a style your audience can identify with. Research the colors, fonts, filters, etc. that are popular with your target audience. For example, if your target audience is a younger demographic then use visuals that are energetic and exciting. Gen Y doesn’t have an off switch so your content must be fresh and compelling to attract their attention. Craft a visual style that is in line with your brand and your audience.

With all the available tools out there today, there is no reason to have to manual post your visual content. Using tools like Coschedule, Buffer, Hootsuite, Latergramme or TailwindApp, you can not only auto-schedule your visual content but all of your social media content. These tools enable you to easily syndicate to all of your social media profiles simultaneously ahead of time. Plus, most of them offer analytics features so you can track your results.

Different businesses flourish on different social network sites. Consumer-based brands largely benefit from social media sites like Facebook whereas B2B brands do best on sites like LinkedIn. Find out which social media sites your target audiences frequents and focus your content efforts on them. For example, while over half of all young adults (53%) aged 18-29 are now actively using Instagram only 11% of adults aged 50-64 are using the platform states Ashtan Moore of McBD. If you want to get better results from your social media make sure you focus on the right sites.

The statistics don’t lie – visual content is must when it comes to your social media strategy. Make sure you are incorporating the right visual elements on your social media profiles to boost your results.

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